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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Aug 4, 2017

Anne Mauney, better known as Fannetastic Food, is literally in the house today! She joins me IRL, from Arlington, for a podcast chat about business and baby things. We talk about these things regularly anyway, it's just recorded this time.

Anne went back to school to get her RD certification, after a few years exploring a career in journalism, teaching English in Prague, and then tackling science classes. We answer a listener question about "getting into" Intuitive Eating, "when most Dietetic Internships preach the opposite." Mentioned on the show: the Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor training program. One part of our A to that Q: the tide is turning. More RDs and clients are interested in this philosophy. Keep it strong! 

Next up: A listener's question about social media, building a professional brand and presence online, and standing out. 

Then we transition into pregnancy real talk! We talk intuitive eating, fitness, supplements, and one side effect some people don't talk about. (Get those pre and probiotics in, y'all.)

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Anne Mauney, | @fannetasticfood (Twitter, Instagram) 

Heather Caplan: @HeatherDCRD | @RDRealTalk