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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Aug 11, 2017

Emily Wetzel joins the show from Chicago! As a contractor with Dietitians on Demand, she wears many dietitian hats. Emily and I chat about the small world of dietetics, which relates to her advice for any and all new dietetic students and interns. We answer two listener questions, then dive into why consumers are more interested in sugar than meat (or cooking with "raw ingredients"). 


1) In my internship, there were only a couple of rotations where I felt RDs were a valued member of the team. What can we do as a profession to change this and make it better for the next generation of dietitians?

2) I know for sure that I want to work in the field of food and nutrition, but I am fairly sure I am not interested in clinical. I'm worried I won't enjoy it at all, and it might trigger past ED behaviors. Should I purse the RD certification?

In the news: 

Nearly half of US consumers are trying to reduce the sugar they eat (FoodNavigator)

Younger consumers, however, are more interested in eating less meat. Either way, the top barrier to change is feeling tempted by these foods, and the perceived cost of healthy eating. How can we help?

Emily Wetzel, RD LDN | @HealthyHappy_U