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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Aug 25, 2017

Marci Evans joined me for a chat about all things eating disorder (ED) and intuitive eating! She is a Certified Eating Disorder dietitian (CEDRD) and certified Intuitive Eating counselor, and she has created numerous resources for dietitians interested in ED nutrition therapy. Fun fact: Marci matched with her last choice internship. It happens! I have followed her career for years, and have learned so much from her work. She’s an innovator, educator, mentor, and real talker.

Our real talk moments: Burger grilling and Bone marrow testing

Career chat:

Listener questions:

  • What are some guidelines that I (and others in my position, i.e. not a credentialed healthcare provider) should follow for sharing experiences {in ED or amenorrhea recovery} while not crossing an ethical boundary?
  • Can you talk about the intersection of GI issues and ED recovery?


Marci Evans, RDN CEDRD CPT | @MarciRD (Twitter and Instagram)