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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Sep 15, 2017

Katie Proctor, RDN and MBA, is on the show today! She joins us from Colorado, where she started her own business to help BA dietitians raise the bar. She's a marketing and communications guru, and took many nontraditional RDN job routes. She's real about easy is it to provide tips but how hard it can be to follow them yourself. We talk a lot about being an entrepreneur, connecting with brands and consumers through social media, and of course, real talk moments. 

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First up: Dietitians Taking the Anti-Diet Approach (10/5/17)
Featuring Anne Mauney (Fannetastic Food), Christy Harrison (Food Psych host), Kim Hoban (KH Nutrition), and Robyn Nohling (Real Life RD)

Listener question: With social media being so over saturated with various nutrition/ wellness accounts, how do you make yourself stand out?

Katie provides a totally different perspective on this one, which I learned so much from! She's been on the marketing side, working with influencers (including dietitians) What do they look for and how can you catch their eye? She's on it. 

If you do nothing else after this episode, follow her on Instagram! You get almost daily business tips and get to connect with a real-talking business strategist. It's good stuff. 

Katie Proctor: | @elevatewithkatie (Twitter and Instagram)