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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Sep 29, 2017

Amy LaFalce, a fellow Arlington-based dietitian, is on today! She's the Northern Virginia Site Director for the Virginia Tech Dietetic Internship and mom of three kiddos. She's open and real about what internship directors are looking for in candidates, her goals for the VT program, and some BIG changes coming up to internship education requirements. (Hi, Master's degree.) 

We answer two listener questions: 

1. What to expect in the DI interview process

(If you're currently a dietetic intern, or thinking about the internship, check out the internship-specific RD Real Talk Round Table event coming up soon! The panel discussion, 1:1 mentoring call, and event workbook may be exactly what you need. 

2. What RDs think about sugar detoxes

So, we switch gears a bit to the latest in whether or not "sugar addiction" is a real thing. (Side eye to you, Gary Taubes.) Here's the article referenced: Sugar addiction: state of the science