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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Oct 6, 2017

Rebecca Scritchfield, dietitian and author of the book Body Kindness, is on the show! We go way back, as DC dietitians, to my first exposure to private practice and being her first dietetic intern (circa 2009). This episode is REAL real, covering everything from business ventures that actually cost money to running a "surprisingly low-tech" private practice. We talk about her transition to her second career in dietetics, answer a listener question (below) and get real about our big projects and transitions. 

BIG project: Rebecca just launched her extensive mentorship program, which we chat about on the show. Applications are due by 10/31! She'll be working with a small group (only 6-8) RDs to develop anti-diet and weight-neutral counseling and dietetic skills. Apply here:

Listener Question: 

I am a RD working in the public health/community nutrition field. I love what I do! However, during grad school I was exposed to sports nutrition which included counseling and team education. I would like this to be my "side hustle". What are your must-have resources for those of us who are trying to start a private practice? Any software, books, budgeting, marketing tools, printing options, etc you recommend? 

Events for RDs: Check out the RD Real Talk Round Table series, which launched this month with 5 events and covering everything from the Anti-diet approach to Women's Health to Job Searching in Nutrition. No deadlines to register, and seats are still open! (

Rebecca Scritchfield, MS RD: @ScritchfieldRD (Twitter, Instagram) 
Body Kindness podcast host, Body Kindness book author