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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Oct 13, 2017

Amy Shen, a freshly minted RD, joins the show from South Carolina! The conversation gets real very quickly, when she dives into how dieting in college made her feel crazy, and led to a career in nutrition. Because of that, she now identifies as an anti-diet dietitian. She's learning about and practicing intuitive eating, and working her first job in an Eating Disorder treatment center. 

If you're interested in the Anti-Diet Approach, purchase the "Dietitians Taking the Anti-Diet Approach" webinar! Panelists include Christy Harrison, Robyn Nohling, Anne Mauney, and Kim Hoban.

We dive into in internship experience, anti-diet nutrition, and a new app in the world for helping Eating Disorder patients get (free!) help before or after they reach out to a healthcare professional. (App: Recovery Record: Eating Disorder Management

Amy Shen | @Amy.Beth.Shen on Instagram