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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Oct 20, 2017

Rebecca Scritchfield is back! You may know her as the author of Body Kindness, one of your favorite (self-described) Diet Culture Dropouts, or the host of the Body Kindness podcast. Or, you may not know her yet, but you will now! Rebecca and I go way back, so it's easy to settle in and get real with each other. 

Interested in the Anti-Diet Approach to Dietetics? Watch this one-hour webinar to learn more! With full registration, you also get a 1:1 mentoring call and an event workbook with research and suggested readings. 

I ask her about: 

- How and why she transitioned her sports-focused private practice in DC to one in which she teaches the Non-Diet (or Anti-Diet) approach and works with eating disorders and body image therapy

- The process of writing a book (!!!), and what to do with that stack of edits that reminds you to keep at it

- Her new mentorship program available to any and all dietitians (or RDs2be) that want to practice the Anti-Diet (or Non-Diet) approach to dietetics -- applications are due 10/31! Put in yours here:

If you're a dietitian for Body Kindness, join Rebecca's group, in partnership with Leslie Shilling, RD4BC

Rebecca Scritchfield, MA RD | @ScritchfieldRD on Twitter, @RebeccaScritchfield on Instagram