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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Jan 24, 2018

Julie Duffy Dillon, aka the Food Peace RD, joins me to discuss Intuitive Eating (IE) Principle #3: Make Peace With Food. All foods! Not just the healthy, or "fun", foods. 

We start by outlining what's called "The Last Supper Phenomenon" of dieting. This sets everyone up for failure, yet we see it happen so often.  It's just one factor that pulls your dieting pendulum too far to one side, so it will inevitably swing right back. 

Julie and I dig into the importance of making peace with all foods, how this concept is largely misunderstood, and what steps anyone can take to start the process. As Julie says, EVERY food has its place, and anything can be unhealthy for us in excess. (Yep, even broccoli!)

Next up: Dietitian Emily Fonnesbeck and I review Principle #5, asking you to Challenge the Food Police. 

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