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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Jan 31, 2018

Emily Fonnesbeck joins me to talk about an Intuitive Eating (IE) principle that is challenging for many people—#4 how to challenge the food police. 

We review the various types of Food Police that may be directing traffic in your mind on any given day–from the Ally to the Informant—and how to start distinguishing the foes from the friend. Food police may be most familiar to those who have had an eating disorder. The voices sound a lot like an example provided by Dr. Laura Hill in her TEDx talk on anorexia. Even in the absence of an eating disorder, diet culture employs food policing thoughts that influence how we eat throughout the day. 

In the episode, we emphasize that restrictive eating is NOT healthy eating, and that not everyone obsesses over food. It is possible to go throughout your day without these food policing thoughts and internal debates. 

Check out more of Emily's writing and work on her site: 

Next up: Kim Hoban, and principle #5: How to respect your fullness! 

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