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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Mar 29, 2019

Almost everything is impermanent, actually. Including this podcast! But we're here for now, and it's the 100th episode of RD Real Talk!

Today's episode covers everything from "adrenal fatigue" vs. allostatic load (as a follow up to episode 99), and then dives right into Instagram fatigue, and learning to sit with discomfort in various life stages and transitions. Know what our vulnerabilities are; learn how to set boundaries; remember that most things are impermanent (i.e. this too shall pass). 

Read: Robyn's blog post on adrenal fatigue

We talk a lot about women's reproductive health in this episode. If you're curious to learn more, Robyn and I were part of a panel that recorded this educational webinar: Nutrition for Women's Reproductive Health. Register to access the recording and the workbook! 

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