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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Apr 27, 2017

Real talk: I've both under and over-fueled for a few of my marathons. Then I met Intuitive Eating. It took me a whopping seven marathons to figure out how to properly and adequately fuel myself, according to both my needs and preferences. I want to tell you about why that matters, what I've learned, and how I'm bringing that information to you now (with Kelly Jones, RD CSSD). 

I hope this is the first of many 1:1 chats we have, even though I know you can't reply in real time. But you can leave me a topic request on , or email me anytime: RDRealTalk at gmail dot com! 

Intuitive Eating dietitians mentioned on this episode: 

Kelly Jones Nutrition (, co-leading the Fit Fueling: Intuitive Eating for Female Athletes course with me. It starts Monday May 15—come join us!

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