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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Dec 6, 2019

Amy Hanneke RD, aka @SatisfyNutrition IG, has experienced some major career moves since we last talked. On her first episode of RD Real Talk (67: IE Stories in Clinical Nutrition), she was working in clinical nutrition and living in rural southern Idaho. She went on to leave her clinical post, set up a booming private practice in Denver, CO, and eventually decided to close up shop and move, again.

If you’re interested in setting up your own weight-inclusive, non-diet private practice, check out Pursuing Private Practice-Intuitive Eating, a robust course led by Jennifer McGurk. I (Heather) used it in setting up my own practice! This is an affiliate link.

We don’t hear much about the whole private practice, especially the nitty gritty of getting things set up, but more so the tough decision to leave the business world, and become an employee again. All of these choices are deeply personal, and Amy gets real about why this was right choice for her. She also takes us into the world of Satisfy Nutrition, sharing some behind-the-scenes info about her social media world.

Another essential resource to both mine and Amy’s private practice: SimplePractice.

SimplePractice is an Electronic Health Record for dietitians that provides flexible formatting for show notes, practice documents (templates for Release of Information, Policies, and billing), scheduling, and secure video conferencing!

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