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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Jun 9, 2017

Kylie Mitchell is baaaack! You may know her as ImmaEATthat, on instagram and through her Eating Disorder (ED) recovery blog ( We talk about her new pregnancy feels, body changes, and how that first trimester has felt for her. (She also has some thoughts on pregnancy books, and which ones may not be worth a read.) We answer a listener’s question, cover some news in the ED world, and Kylie gets real about why she originally started posting recipes to her blog. Bonus: Some well thought-out ideas on how to revamp the dietetic internship experience. It involves less Jell-o and more Netflix.

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Listener question: How are stress, amenorrhea, and moodiness related? (The negative loop of emotions is something I’ve experienced, as well.)

Resource plugs: Kylie’s site, the nonprofit I started in DC called the Lane 9 Project, and Robyn Coale’s Real Life RD.  

In the news:

Kylie Mitchell: @immaeatthat (Twitter and Instagram),