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The Weight-Inclusive Podcast

Dec 19, 2022

Morgan Sinclair, co-host of the Weight-Inclusive Innovators podcast, joins WIND Event Director Heather Caplan for a review of 2022! This episode covers the three biggest changes to WIND—most of which happened between March and July of 2022—and how much WIND has changed since this time last year. (Spoiler: A LOT.)

It also covers some of the bigger things that happened in the general weight-inclusive spaces this year (which previous episodes on this podcast feed explore in more detail: Response to the AND Proposed Weight Management Guidelines, and What Happened in the HAES® Spaces), and how that shaped future WIND offerings. 

Tune in to hear all of those things, and more! Like, how the Foundations Workshop actually turned out (plus why WIND was nervous to host it), and the mantra plus big new offerings for 2023! 

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