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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Nov 17, 2017

Kelly Jones, MS RD CSSD, is my friend and co-host of our Fit Fueling: Mindful Eating for Active women course. We get REAL about why we decided to create and run this virtual nutrition class, and it has to do with disordered eating among active humans (not just women, but we do primarily work with women). We've both had personal experiences that taught us a lot about sports nutrition, and eventually found intuitive and mindful eating practices. The two may seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but we think they have to meet somewhere in the middle to keep us all sane, well-fueled, and healthy. 

Our next virtual course starts Monday, November 27 -- Register to join us! (Or visit for more information.) This course is enjoyed by active women in a variety of sports (or no sport!) and RDs alike. 

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Kelly Jones: @KellyJonesRD