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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Dec 15, 2017

Emily Braaten, a fellow DC-based dietitian, is on the show today! She recently launched her new, official RD website, and walks us through the process. (Side note: I think she should add "website consultant" to her list of services.) (Also: This is not sponsored by Squarespace.) We talk about the difficulties of getting into the internship, why she chose to get a Master's degree, and how she landed in her work with Eating Disorders. 

Real talk moments: the blissful simplicity of a home-cooked meal after a long moving transition, and NOT being the food police. 

Related: I usually don't care what you're eating. (Unsolicited permission to come up with random job titles at your next holiday party.) 

Coming soon! 

A full RD Real Talk series on Intuitive Eating. We're kicking things off with an introduction episode, in which I got to chat with Evelyn Tribole—one of the Intuitive Eating co-authors. (CAREER HIGH.) Stay tuned on my website and here on the podcast—the series launches in January 2018. 

Questions? Comments? Hit me up: @RDRealTalk (Instagram) 

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