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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Feb 1, 2019

Emily Travis, MPH RD, joins me to talk about all things dating, socializing, and maintaining your intuitive eating preferences. Emily regales us with stories from her dating experiences, from inappropriate comments to a waiter offering some #DietCulture tips. We're not here for that, y'all. 

Emily offers more information about this topic on her site: 

We cover everything from friendships to romantic relationships, but I do want to acknowledge that this is mostly a conversation about "traditional" dating, in hetero-normative relationships. So, I want to welcome YOUR stories, too. Have a different perspective to add to the mix? Reach out anytime: 

Before we dive into all things dating, I share a little real-talk-moment about an unpleasant run-in with diet culture on social media. Maybe you can relate to that, too. 

For more, follow Emily @weall_eat on Instagram. 

Other stuff:

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