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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Mar 15, 2019

Kevin Klatt, Ph.D and RD2Be, joins me on the show to talk about the science of weight loss, and how diets repeatedly fail (to both stand the test of time, and result in sustainable body changes). At one point, Kevin added himself, and his story, to the National Weight Control Registry. More recently, he wrote an article for the impressive online SELF Weight Issue, titled "Why Weight Loss Diets Fail". We talk about it all—including random diet culture moments from the depths of history. 

This episode is in partnership with Jennifer McGurk's NEW online course for dietitians looking to start, or continue building, a private practice focused on the intuitive eating philosophies. Check out the course: 

Pursuing Private Practice—Intuitive Eating Edition

Other things mentioned:

Kevin Klatt, Ph.D @kcklatt