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The Weight-Inclusive Podcast

Jul 6, 2022

Cara Harbstreet and Whitney Trotter joined this episode LIVE in Denver, CO at the first in-person WIND event since 2020. This was made possible by partnering with Gaudiani Clinic, Eating Disorders Foundation, and SuperBill.

We start this conversation off with some fun topics including pet peeves while traveling, favorite emojis, and superpowers. Cara and Whitney then share how the shift into virtual work has affected their businesses and what major initiative they would want to spearhead within the weight-inclusive healthcare and/or cultural space.

This episode is sponsored by Way Health. Way is a mindful eating app that helps you find peace in your relationship with food and your body. Grounded in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, they focus on what makes the body feel good and what makes you feel good about your body as an avenue to long-term eating behavior change. Find Way on the Apple Store and other places where apps are sold!

Cara and Whitney answer two audience questions:

  1. How are you taking care of yourself and focusing on client care while trying to balance what’s happening in the spaces of underrepresented identities?
  2. How are you balancing micro or macro aggressions against yourself, your colleagues, and your clients from other professionals while also dealing with the anger, exhaustion and frustration that comes up for you?

A little about our guests:

Cara Harbstreet (she/her) is a registered dietitian and owner of Street Smart Nutrition. Her business includes nutrition commutations, recipe development, individual counseling and Twitter clapbacks. You can find out more about Cara and her work at or follow her on IG at streetsmart.rd

Whitney Trotter (she/her) is both a registered dietitian and registered nurse. She is an anti-racism consultant and educator, a human trafficking advocate and a clinician. She specializes in eating disorder treatment and collecting pink coffee mugs. You can find out more about Whitney and her work at or follow her on IG at whitneytrotter.rd

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