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RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Nov 2, 2018

Kim Hoban is back on the show today, an RD Real Talk OG. We both have gone through significant life changes this year, becoming new moms. Kim was on a wild ride during pregnancy, with everything from placenta previa to gestational diabetes to, our shared experience, carpal tunnel. We talk about cravings—one that brought me out of a pescetarian lifestyle (which I'm thankful for)—and what might be at the root of them. And we talk about life, because sometimes we need a break from talking about nutrition. 

Things mentioned during the show: 

Kim, and her daily work in being an advocate for her own health-autonomy, as well as yours. Find more:

The Nurtured Mama community 

Real Food for Pregnancy, by Lily Nichols 

Other stuff:

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