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The Weight-Inclusive Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

What you’re about to hear is a collection of audio clips from the Foundations of weight-Inclusive care WIND Workshop that I’m co-hosting with Brianna Campos, of Body Image With Bri, THIS WEEK. Yep, these quotes are directly from our live sessions, with consent to share from our speakers. They each answered, in some way, the question of WHY they practice from a weight-inclusive lens. Why weight-inclusive care? Why weight-inclusive activism? Why challenge the “norm” of weight-centric healthcare practices that are touted as the only evidence-based practices?

These sessions are still available, and if it were me, honestly…. I’d metaphorically run, not walk, to register for this workshop. Don’t hurt yourself. It’s a link…you just have to go click on it -->

You’re about to hear from Aaron Flores, Dori Steinberg, Veronica Garnett, Samantha Barash, Mimi Cole, Ragen Chastain, and Amy Rapone…with a little bonus anti-racism clip from Shelby Gordon. (More information about the full workshop:

We feel so lucky to be in these spaces with them, and with you. Let’s go. 

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